Snap VPN For Mac and Windows PC – Download Now

Hey, do you want to download a snap VPN for pc? Or want to use a VPN on your pc?

Then you are in the right place because in this article I discussed how you can download and install snap VPN on your windows pc.

Nowadays ISP is blocking many websites and tracking your browser history without letting you know clearly.

So many IT experts recommended you to use VPN to access those blocked websites and stop traced by your ISP.

Now the problem is that there are too many VPNs are available in the market and it’s hard to find a good one.

Many of you request me to write an article on how you can download snap VPN for pc so here I am.

But the problem is snap VPN is only available for mobiles not for the pc. There is not an official app of snap VPN available for pc.

Millions of users are using snap VPN on the regular. But as I discussed that this app is only available for mobile devices.

Now I have a solution to it but it a little bit long and tricky so if you want to then you can follow this step by step process.

If you just want to use VPN to browse the internet and if your VPN usages are just limited to your internet browser then follow the below process.

How to install Snap VPN on Windows PC (On the Chrome)

So, as I discussed above that if your VPN use is limited to your browser then here I share how you can download and install it on your browser.

  • It is too much easy process, first, click here and visit the official Chrome web store.
  • Now on the next step click on the search bar and search for the snap VPN in that search bar.

snap vpn on your windows pc

  • When you search there are many VPN will available so choose which you want to install on your browser.
  • On the next step click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ and it will automatically be added in your browser.

screenshot of the app

And done now you can use this VPN by clicking the icon and you are safe from your ISP and also you can access all the blocked websites.

How to Download Snap VPN for PC – Windows and Mac

The above process is for those who just want to use VPN in their browsers but many of you might want to use VPN in your whole pc.

Here I discussed how you can download snap VPN for pc no matter which OS you are using.

  • First, download and save below zip file on your pc and extract it one folder.


  • Now double click on the files according to your operating system and install it on your pc.
  • Once you install it than just open the VPN app on your pc and start using the app.
  • So, with this method, you can download snap VPN on your windows and mac pc. And yes, this VPN works with all the apps in your pc (not only limited chrome web browser).

Now before you go here, I discuss some best features of the snap VPN so don’t miss to read it.

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Some best features of the app

Here below I share some best features of this app make sure you take a look in these.

  • A first and most important feature of using VPN is you access all the website which are blocked by your ISP.
  • Your history is not visible to your ISP means your ISP can not track what you are surfing on the internet.
  • You can get a different IP addresses so you can hide your identity on the internet and surf the internet automatically.

There are many features of this app which I not mentioned here you can experience it by using the app.


In conclusion, the snap VPN is not available for the pc so here we used some different methods to download snap VPN for pc.

Now it depends on you which one you choose and it also depends on your requirements.

Last if you are facing any issues or getting any errors during the installation then let me know in the comment box.

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