Download Joox on your mac and windows pc

So, the last tutorial worked fine for you? I’m glad that Google Duo is installed on your PC. In this article, you are going to learn how to install Joox on your PC.

For those of you, who don’t know what is JOOX then Joox is an online music streaming platform owned by Tencent. The maker of the popular game PUBG.

Having its headquarters in Hongkong, JOOX has a really high fan base in Asian markets including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Thailand.

This streaming platform is made available to a very few no. of the audience as compared to other music platforms like Spotify and so.

But, this is also which makes it different from others.

It is not aimed at providing any kind of music to everyone but to provide the best in class music to a very specific niche of people and location.

If we talk about the never-ending list of features, it will totally be a waste of time.

Now, the main Question?

How to download Joox for PC (Latest Method)

As always, we are going to tell you a number of ways by which you can have Joox on your PC so that there is no problem left.

Let’s start,

This tutorial is broken down into three parts.

  • Download the Bluestacks app launcher.
  • Install the official joox app
  • Launch the app and enjoy your favorite music.

Although this tutorial is created in consideration with installing Joox on your PC the process of installing Joox on Mac is pretty much the same.

Enough talking, right? Let’s see the things in action.

Downloading Bluestacks to install an app on pc

Downloading Bluestacks is the most important step in this tutorial. As Joox is not available for PC so Bluestacks will help us in making this possible.


  • Once downloading you will see a compressed file, you have to extract that file. You will then see a folder after extracting in which there is the Bluestacks installer file.
  • Just click on the installer and run it, it will install Bluestacks on your PC.
  • Congrats, you have successfully completed the first and the most important step of the tutorial.

P.S. You can also download it from anywhere else, but we will not recommend it at all.

With this being done, it’s time to move over to the next step.

Installing the Joox app on PC

This step can be performed by two methods. Both methods are good enough trusted as well. You can use anyone at your ease.

First Method: Downloading Joox through Play Store

This method is really very easy and seems official also as the app is downloaded directly from the Official play store itself.

For this, what you have to do is

  • Open Bluestacks app installed earlier.
  • There is an icon for the Google play store.
  • Click on the icon and launch the Play Store.
  • Once opened, search for Joox in the search bar.

search joox on the pc

  • Click on the first icon from the search results.
  • Now hit install and download the Joox app for your PC.

joox installed on pc

  • Congrats, the Joox app is now installed on your PC.

joox screenshot

Second Method: Installing through .apk file

Installing through the Play store can seem really tough, sometimes it can give errors. This method is best suited for people who don’t want to put their details like mail id etc. in play store.

This is a bit private method as well.

For this, you have to open the file downloaded earlier for Bluestacks.

  • Open the folder.
  • Once opened, locate the .apk file.
  • Now go to bluestacks and click on 3 dots above.
  • After that, click on the select app.

select apk file

  • Select the app located in the 2nd step.
  • Hit install and the Joox app will be installed on the PC.

another screenshot of app

Congratulations, you have successfully installed on your PC. now, the Joox app will be up and running now in your PC.

Features of Joox Music Streamer

Of course, we will get into detail as well but before that its time to know what you are going to get after installing Joox for PC.

  • Highly Saturated audience
  • Over a million songs
  • Limited no. of users
  • A huge number of playlists
  • Wide variety of moods for playlist

I am sure that you will face no problem in installing the Joox app on your PC until or unless you follow the complete tutorial.

Also, you can follow the same tutorial to install the app on your android or iOS devices as well.

We have tried our best to make sure that no issues left for you, in case you face any problem you can let us know in the comment section.

Also, you can stay tuned and suggest to us if you want a tutorial on certain apps.

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