Download Google Duo for PC (Windows and MAC)

Looking for downloading Google Duo for PC? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

After reading this article, you will be able to have Google duo on your PC or Mac.

First thing first, you can’t have it directly on your PC as it is not available to download directly on any app store.

But, you don’t have to worry as any android emulator like Bluestacks will do the job for you. We have also used a similar process for downloading DU recorder for PC.

You can check that out as well.

But before diving in the process, first, have a closer look at why we need Google Duo and how it can help us?

Google Duo is a video calling app by Google which is really tough competition for Microsoft’s Skype.

It was launched in the market by Google 4 years back i.e. in 2016. Till then it has gained so much popularity.

Google Duo is a bit ahead of other video calling apps – at least said by Google.

According to Google, Duo helps its users to make Simple yet High-Quality video calls over any network and from any display.

Be it Computers, Smartphones and even smart displays like Google Nest Hub Max.

This seems quite overwhelming, right?

This is completely true as well, We have tried Google Duo on various networks and found that it performs much better in comparison to the other ones.

Okay, that’s enough about features, Let’s deep dive into the tutorial.

The tutorial is gonna be a three method procedure, i.e. you can use Google Duo in your pc by three methods.

  1. Downloading the app from Official Google’s Play Store (RECOMMENDED)
  2. Installing it right away from a .apk file.
  3. Use it on Web

But before that, Do you know we also have a video tutorial on How to install Google duo for PC.

How to Download and Install the Google Duo app on PC?

Now, let’s come back to the text version of this tutorial.

As we have also, discussed earlier that Google Duo is not available on any app store.  So we will use an android emulator named Bluestacks for this purpose.

NOTE: This method will install Google Duo on Windows PC, although the procedure is the same for MAC as well.

Let’s Start the process, First, you have to download the android emulator from the link below.

  • Click the link and save the file on your PC. This is a Zip File.


  • Now unzip the file and there you will find two filed in the extracted folder. (Bluestacks installer and Google Duo Apk)
  • First, you have to install Bluestacks (Android Emulator) on your PC by clicking the installer extracted above.
  • Once installed, open it by clicking the icon. It can take some time depending on your PC specifications.

Now, It is where it all starts. Let’s discuss the first method.

Install Google Duo on PC by Playstore

This method is much similar to installing any app in android device.

  • For this, Once you click on the play store icon once your bluestacks is open.
  • Search for Google Duo in the search bar.

search google duo pc

  • Now, you will see the Google Duo app in the search results.

install google duo pc

  • Hit the install button and download the app on your PC.

click on open

With this method finished, let’s learn another method, which is,

Installing Google Duo on PC with the .apk file

This method is a little advanced and seems tough if you don’t follow this tutorial.

You can use this method if you are facing any problem in installing the app from the play store.

For this, you can follow the tutorial below.

  • First, open the Bluestacks app, click on three dots and then click on select .apk option.
  • Now you can select the .apk file that was extracted previously from the folder.
  • After selecting the app, it will automatically install the app on your PC.
  • Post successful installation, there will be a new icon created for Google Duo.

app screenshot

  • Hit the icon to launch Google Duo.

Below is a screenshot of the Google Duo app.

google duo screenshot

Now, it’s time for the third method, which is,

Using this app on Web

Although this method is also present it is not recommended. By this method, you can use the Google Duo app on your PC without installing it.

Yes, you can just go to the official site of Google Duo and use it on the web.

Well, this method seems easier than the above two methods, still, it is not recommended as there are certain issues with that.

The issues follow,

  • Internet speed needed is very fast to run it online.
  • Video quality is not that good as well.
  • It has fewer features as compared to the app version.

That’s why we recommended to use it by installing it on your PC.

Some best features of this app

Now, let’s discuss some of the features which you can use after installing Google Duo.

  • High-Quality video calls.
  • You can use it for Office conference calls.
  • Group video calls including up to 8 people.
  • You can call anyone with their phone number.
  • You can call anyone, anytime and anywhere.
  • People can be called over any network.

We have covered all the possible methods to install Google Duo on PC. But Incase, you are still facing any error in installing Google Duo.

You can let us know in the comment section, we will help you in every possible manner.

Thanks a lot for reading and Enjoy Video calls over Google Duo.

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