Disable And Turn Off Avast Pop-ups & Notification

Malware and virus are some online threats that can harm the users while surfing on the web, and from the protection from all these online threats, one must require the best antivirus software, and Avast is one of the best choices for the users to safeguard their system. Avast services are highly enjoyed by users. It has many remarkable features.

Features of the Avast antivirus software:

  • Real Site
  • Sandbox
  • Remote Access Shield
  • Sensitive Data Shield
  • Webcam Shield
  • Password Protection
  • Data Shredder

But it does not mean Avast is free from all kinds of issues and errors. One may encounter various issues while utilizing the Avast antivirus software. Avast pop-ups are very annoying and frustrating. Pop-ups are very annoying, and it becomes a hindrance to your work. So, here are the steps to disable the notifications. Follow them properly to stop Avast pop-ups.

Enable DND Mode

The first step of the process is to enable Do Not Disturb mode. Avast offers you the DND mode in which it disables the notifications for the applications that run in Fullscreen mode. And to enable the Do Not Disturb mode in Avast, refer to the following steps.

  • Open Avast software.
  • In the next step, select the Menu button.
  • Now, you are required to click on Settings from the additional menu that shows.
  • You need to switch to the Performance tab.

  • First, under the Do Not Disturb Mode, check the boxes next to the options.
  • Next, you are required to switch to the Software Updater tab.
  • Uncheck the box next to the following options: Notifications about new updates
  • After this, you are able to enable silent mode.

Enable Silent Mode

Now, you are required to enable the Silent mode. You can find this option under the Setting section of the application. The below steps will help you in this.

  • First of all, you have to open the Settings section.
  • You are required to switch to the Notifications option.
  • Here, you need to make sure to check the box next to the following option: Use silent mode and turn off all pop-ups, alerts, and messages

while installing the avast antivirus you can also use avast offline installer to setup and installation.

Turn off sounds

To turn off sound, here are the steps.

  • To begin with, the procedure, open the Avast user interface.
  • Click on the Settings.
  • You are required to click on the General option.
  • Next, you need to choose the Sounds option.
  • Uncheck the Enable Avast sounds box.
  • If you have a custom sound pack installed, uncheck the Use voiceovers sounds settings.

Turn off Software Updater

Another way to get rid of the annoying pop-ups is to turn off the software updater. Software updater notifies you about the outdated software. But you need to manually check for outdated software. So, here are the steps to turn off the software updater.


  • Firstly, you need to choose the Settings option.
  • In the next step, you are required to click on the Tools option.
  • You need to select the Software Updater.
  • After that, you need to click on Customize.
  • Uncheck the option Notifications (popups) enabled.


We hope the given article is helpful for the users. And the mentioned steps are clear to the users. Though the steps are easy and simple some users might get confused and not able to follow the steps. So, in that case, you can contact the professionals, and the executives will surely give you the best technical solutions to rectify your issue or error. They will be happy to solve your queries, so don’t hesitate to contact the professionals.


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