BlueStacks – A complete review on one of best android emulator

Hello, friends in this article I share complete details about BlueStacks. Also, share my opinions about the BlueStacks.

So, if are you looking to know about this emulator then you are in the right place just continue with this article.

Nowadays bluestacks is a very popular and well-known Android emulator among all android and pc users.

Actually, with this app, you can run android apps on your mac and windows pc. And this one is specially designed for the games.

Also, in this emulator, the one option is available (own app store) which helps you download bluestacks optimized apps.

I personally tested these apps and found that these apps are working very smoothly and without any problem.

Also, in bluestacks, you will find the option of play store so you can use play store in this app and download apps from the play store.

Here you just need to sign in with your Google Gmail account and it will allow using google play store in the bluestacks android emulator.

If you want to map the keyboard in this emulator then good news for you because this one is supporting keyboard mapping.

This app is available for windows and mac so you don’t have to worry if you are a mac user. You can install it on your MacBook and enjoy all the features of this app.

Also, in this app, you will get regular updates and it will more and more be optimized with its every update.

And in each and every update you will find something new like new features, new user interface, etc.

For gamers, this one is a great emulator and if you are thinking to play android games on pc then you must try bluestacks android emulator. many users ask is bluastack safe for using it for games.

How BlueStacks is different from other emulators

Now in this topic, I have too many things to discuss but in last it comes in one thing and that is bluestacks.

So, if we compare bluestacks with other emulators then we found that this app has some pros and cons.

If we talk about RAM and CPU consume in comparison to other emulators then it is low. In low usages, it will provide you good performance.

Also, the user interface of this app is best and you also optimization of this app is the reason why I loved this app.

I think above you will find why you should choose this app and what is the reason most of the people choose this app as their android emulator.

All version of the bluestacks app

Bluestacks has released updates regularly but there main four updates of this android emulator and these are known as Bluestacks 1, Bluestacks 2, Bluestacks 3, Bluestacks 4 (latest one).

So now let’s take a look one by one on all the versions of this app and also, I provide a download link.

Let’s get started with the first one:

Bluestacks 1

As I told you bluestacks is released updates regularly so there is nothing like bluestacks 1 but we can say all the version before the second main update released.

On 27 June 2012 bluestacks released his alpha 1 version for the mac pc and the beta version was released 27 Dec 2017.

This is a basic android emulator that helps you run the android apps on your pc.

Bluestacks 2

Bluestacks 2 was released in Dec 2015 and with this new version, they improved and implement many new things.

But the major thing they update in this version is you can use multiple android apps at the same time in this app.

Bluestacks 3

This version of bluestacks was released in July 2017 and as like before this update also comes with new features and improved performance.

In this version, they added the app center which helps you choose and download bluestacks optimized apps.

Also, with this update, many new features like account system, chat, new keymapping interface, and multi-instance come.

We can say this is a major update from bluestacks provide and it changed the emulator market.

Bluestacks 4 (Latest Version)

On 18 Sept 2018 bluestacks launched its version 4 of this app. And this is the latest flagship version of this app.

According to the Antutu benchmark, this app (Bluestacks 4) is 6x faster than a major mobile phone.

With this update, many features come and you read all here: what’s new in bluestacks 4?

How to install an android app on pc? (Bluestacks Emulator)

There are mainly 3 ways to install apps in blue stacks emulator. Here I share only one and for complete details, I refer you to this article.

  • So first, download and install bluestacks android emulator on your pc and open it.

click on playstore

  • Now click on the play store icon and once it opens then click on the search bar.

play store open

  • On the next step search for the app, you want to download here in our case we are installing a Facebook app.

search for the app

  • Now click on the app that you want to download and then click on the install button and it will take some time to install.

click on install

  • Depending on your internet speed. Once it installed you can see the open button click on the open to start the app.

open app on bluestacks

  • Also, the app icon is available on the main dashboard. You can also start the app by clicking on that icon.

This is a complete and step-by-step process to download and install an android app on your pc.


By concluding this article, the bluestacks is one of the best and very popular android emulators available for mac and windows.

You can use it to run android games and apps on pc. Also, the graphic of this emulator is very good.

Last if you have any problems or facing any problems during the installation then let me in the comment box.

I will defiantly help and make sure you subscribe to this blog because all answers to your question will be published as a blog update.

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