Best Android Emulators For Mac PC (Top 3 Picks)

Emulators are really popular right now on Android or iOS.  but in comparison to the iOS emulators, they are really growing at a faster pace.

And why shouldn’t it be?

It is really essential for tech savvy’s as  It can be used to test any application before using it on your own device.

Not only this, it has some extraordinary features as well which can’t be described in simple words.

So let’s first know about Android emulators in detail and then will come on the list of the best Android Emulator that you can use for Mac Os.

What are Android Emulators?

As a name suggests Android emulators are software or applications which are used to run the Android system over any specific platforms like Windows or Macintosh.

What they do is basically helps to run applications built for certain platforms like android or IOs on Windows or Mac PC.

Due to their high demand and popularity, a huge number of such emulators are available in the market itself.

This high number creates confusion among users, but we have created a list of best android emulators for mac which will help you in choosing the best for you.

Before choosing the right Emulator for you, you should look into some features that a good emulator should posses.

Some of those features include,

  • Compatibility: Unfortunately not all emulators run on Mac, so before choosing the one for you, check whether it can work on Mac OS or not.
  • Performance: This is the most highlighting feature, why? Because If an emulator possesses all the key features but it downgrades the performance of your device then, it’s totally not worth it.
  • Version: It is also an essential feature that should be kept in mind while choosing the right emulator for your Mac.
    You should always go for the latest updated version of the emulators as along with updates they are optimized for the devices and the bugs are fixed respectively.

These features are quite enough while choosing the right android emulators for Mac.

So let’s start the list without wasting any time. It is recommended to see the list first and then chooses the best according to the specifications you need.


Bluestacks android emulator

Pricing: Free

Bluestacks is one of the best in class and the most popular emulators available out there. Its popularity can be judged by the number of its downloads.

Its name can be heard from the mouth of every alternative people. Also, it is widely used among users to test and deploy their apps. And yes you can use this app to apps like bass booster on pc.

Although Bluestacks is free it doesn’t lack any important features. Some of the features for Bluestacks are:

  • It runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat or Above.
  • It runs on Mac as well as windows.
  • Various kinds of apps can be run on this emulator.

Nox Player

Nox Android emulator

Pricing: Free

Nox is a simple Android emulator to set up (download the installer, double-click it, drag the app icon into Applications and you’re good to go), works fine on Mac, doesn’t cost anything and has a range of advanced tools that let you assign seemingly mobile-only actions – such as tilting left or right to ‘lean’ in Temple Run – to keyboard shortcuts.

And we can say this is one of the best android emulators which help you to download android apps on your pc.

Some of the features available in Nox Player are as follows,

  • The performance is exemplary
  • Although it takes more time to start but once started, t is worthwhile using it.
  • It can handle quick reflexes while playing fast-paced games like Fruit Ninja.
  • The resolution quality of the display is also very good in the Nox player.

Now let’s move to the new emulator on the list.


Genymotion Emulator

Price: Free

Genymotion is a far more sophisticated emulator than Nox, but then you do pay through the nose for the privilege (a free trial is available, mind you).

It’s targeted primarily at software developers rather than consumers, but if you think you need its power, give it a try because this one is also the best android emulators for mac pc.

When you open the app you’re asked to add a virtual device, and you can decide what model this is – such as a Google Nexus 6P – and the version of Android it runs.

(Be warned that it can take ages to download the necessary files to ‘build’ your virtual device; expect anywhere up to 350MB. we could get it to complete, although this is partly down to a less-than-ideal broadband connection.)

Some of the awesome advantages of using Genymotion over others are:

  • You can go up to Android oreo i.e. Android 8.0
  • Although it can go as low as Android Kit Kat also.
  • The performance is quite high as compared to Nox

These were the 3 top picks for Android emulators for Mac. Yes, the list is small but we don’t want to make you confuse otherwise.

These were the best possible emulators for mac available in the market. You can trust them blindly in case you follow our advice.

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